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After you finish reading the previous educational materials, we give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned through Saudi Exchange’s trading simulator, which is a free service offered to all users where this virtual trading platform mimic the Saudi Stock Market and the user can trade in the stock market like they do in real life.

Saudi Exchange’s trading simulator is an educational experience through easy-to-use interface with interactive charts to facilitate monitoring and analyzing the market’s performance. It gives users a chance to review their investment decisions, which makes it a risk-free educational method to practice real life trading in the capital market.

Saudi Exchange’s trading simulator main features are:

  • Free registration
  • Easy registration
  • Simulates trading of all listed securities in the Saudi Exchange
  • Provides a fixed capital of SAR 100,000/-
  • Displays actual market data (subject to 5 minutes delay)
  • Provides multiple order types
  • Automatically calculates the trading commission
  • Creates account statements for the portfolio if needed

To register in Saudi Exchange’s trading simulator, please click here.