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Services Paid by Members

Services Fees(SAR) Frequency
Initial Membership 60,000 One Time
Annual Membership 30,000 Annual
Trading Workstation Usage fees for new members 11,700 One Time
Annual Trading Workstation Usage fees 3,650 Annual
FIX Connections
Additional Genium FIX Connection 6,000 Monthly
Drop Copy 1,500 Monthly
FIX Connections Usage Capacity*
Up to 20 MPS Free Monthly
Up to 30 MPS 1,500 Monthly
Up to 50 MPS 2,375 Monthly
Up to 100 MPS 4,500 Monthly
Up to 150 MPS 6,375 Monthly
Up to 300 MPS 12,000 Monthly
Up to 500 MPS 18,750 Monthly
Up to 1000 MPS 32,500 Monthly

*Fees are applied on the first and additional Genium FIX connections.

Services Paid by Issuers

Services Category Fees(SAR) Frequency
Initial Listing Main Market 50,000 One Time
NOMU Market 50,000 One Time
REITs 50,000 One Time
ETFs 50,000 One Time
Annual Listing Main Market (1) bps of paid up capital, plus (0.5) bps of the Market Capitalization (Maximum SAR 1,000,000) Annual
NOMU Market 50,000 Annual
REITs (3) bps or (0.0003) of Market Capitalization (Minimum SAR 50,000 – Maximum SAR 300,000) Annual
Sukuk & Bonds Market First Issuance: 0.1 bps of issuance size
(minimum value: SAR 10,000 & maximum value: SAR 50,000)
Following Issuance: 0.05 bps of issuance size
(minimum value: SAR 5,000 & maximum value: SAR 25,000)
Tradable Rights Listing Main Market
Value of increase in the issued Capital Fees
(An incremental percentage of each segment of the total capital increase)
NOMU Market
Less than 500 Million SAR 0.040%
One Time
500 Million SAR to 3 Billion SAR 0.035%
One Time
More than 3 Billion SAR 0.025%
One Time
(Minimum SAR 50,000 – Maximum SAR 2,000,000)
One Time
Tradable Rights Subscription Management Main Market
Increase in Capital Fees
One Time
NOMU Market
500 Million SAR or Less 600,000 SAR
One Time
500 Million SAR to 3 Billion SAR 1,000,000 SAR
One Time
More than 3 Billion SAR 1.500,000 SAR
One Time

Services Paid by Information Providers

Services Fees(SAR) Frequency
Market Data Distribution Licenses
Real Time/Delayed (Best Price, Market Depth and Premium) 50,000 Annual
TV Ticker  (1) 50,000 Annual
Website Ticker 25,000 Annual
Historical Data (2) 30,000 Annual
Other Saudi Exchange Website Information 50,000 Annual
Analytics 20,000 Annual
Tick Data 30,000 Annual
Individual Access(3)
Best Price (Business) 50 Monthly
Best Price (Private) 30 Monthly
Market Depth (Business) 75 Monthly
Market Depth (Private) 50 Monthly
Premium (Business) 100 Monthly
Premium (Private) 75 Monthly
Non-Display Licenses(4)
Non-display License for Data Use in Automated Trading Applications 80,000 Annual
Non-display License for Derived Data Works and Other Applications (Excluding Indices) 50,000 Annual
Enterprise License Covering Automated Trading and Derived Data Works 100,000 Annual
Reference Data Distribution Licenses
Mutual Funds Publishing on the Saudi Exchange Website 5,000 Annual
Issuer Information 15,000 Annual
E-Reference Data (Basic) 70,000 Annual
E-Reference Data (Premium) 80,000 Annual
E-Reference Data Basic (Upgrade From Historic) 40,000 Annual
E-Reference Data Premium (Upgrade From Historic) 50,000 Annual
Connection Administration
Market Data Feed (First Connection to Primary Data Center) 30,000 Annual
Market Data Feed (Each Additional Connection to a Saudi Exchange’s Data Center) 20,000 Annual
Index Creation 75,000 Annual
Global Use Index Creation License 100,000 Annual
Global OTC Financial Products License 100,000 Annual
International ETF License 100,000 Annual
Full Global Use License 250,000 Annual
Special Index Calculation (1st Index) 50,000 Annual
Special Index Calculation (2nd Index) 30,000 Annual
Any Additional Special Index Calculation After 2nd Index 20,000 Annual
Market Information Reports
Mutual Funds Daily Report 20,000 Annual
Index Weightage Report 50,000 Annual
Tick Data One Year Data Set 1,000 One Time
Tick Data One Month Data Set 100 One Time

(1) The Fee for Real-time & Delayed Information per TV Channel.
(2) Fee covers the right to distribute Historic Information and to right End-of-Day Data Information Product. Fee will be to SR 30,000 p.a. if Licensee already has a Real Time/Delayed Distribution license.
(3) Fees apply for access to Real-time Information only.
(4) The license to use information for non-display purposes for automated trading applications covers the use of information only. Additional licenses are required to execute transactions in listed securities through automated systems or for any form of automated trading in such securities. Licenses include the rights to use information in automated trading applications and the creation of derived data for risk management, quantitative analysis and asset management. Licenses do not cover the right to use information for the purpose of establishing indices or pricing financial products.

For any other products that are not listed here, please contact csc@saudiexchange.sa